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Supreme Assembly 2014

  • The principal objects for which the organization is formed are fraternal, social and charitable.

  • Fraternally, the Order endeavors to develop the moral character of its members through a belief in a Supreme Being and the teachings of the lessons of Truth, Faith, Wisdom and Charity. Each member is taught to care for the welfare of her and his fellow members.

  • The Organization affords its members a social outlet.

    • Provides an opportunity to meet together with people with similar interests and fulfill the basic human need for social companionship.
    • Members enjoy planned social events with other members and their guests.
    • For all courts and their members, civic and charitable projects are a main stay of each year's activities
  • Charity is a guiding principle of the Order.
    • The Order's main charity is the Amaranth Diabetes Foundation.
    • Grand Courts and local courts support many other charities.
      • Scholarship Funds.
      • Nurses' Training.
      • Care for the Elderly
      • Soup Kitchens
      • Ronald McDonald's House
      • Visiting Nurses, and
      • Many other local community charities.

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