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May 2018

The Crown & Sword is the official publication of the Supreme Council Order of Amaranth, Inc. It is published four times per year in the months of February, May, August and November. Articles from the Supreme Elected Officers, Supreme Trustees, and the Amaranth Diabetes Board along with items of interest from Grand Courts and Subordinate Courts under Supreme Council Jurisdiction around the world are included in each issue. Each Grand Royal Matron or Royal Matron of a Court under Supreme Council Jurisdiction appoints an Honored Lady or Sir Knight from their jurisdiction or court to handle local subscriptions and prepare appropriate news items.

Supervision of the Crown & Sword is assigned to the Supreme Publication Committee. The committee consists of five Honored Ladies and Sir Knights appointed by the Supreme Royal Matron to staggered three year terms. The committee selects with approval of the Board of Supreme Trustees an Honored Lady or Sir Knight to serve as Editor.

Current subscription rates for the Crown & Sword are $10.00 for United States residents, $15.00 for Canadian and members from jurisdictions outside of North America. Subscriptions to the Crown & Sword can be obtained by members of the Order by sending the required subscription fee in U.S. dollars payable to the Supreme Council Order of Amaranth, Inc. along with their name, address and Court name to:

Supreme Council Order of Amaranth, Inc.
6417 Normandy Lane, Suite 203
Madison, WI 53719-1184


I hope everyone has recovered from Supreme Assembly and arrived home safe from Tulsa. Since you still have Amaranth on your mind itís the perfect time to send me an article for the next Crown and Sword!

The deadline for the next issue will be July 10th! Please send articles and pictures to me at The guidelines for articles are: 300 words or less and if pictures are submitted, all names of those pictured MUST be included.

The subscription price of the Crown and Sword publication is $10.00 annually for United States addresses, and $15.00 annually for International addresses. You can subscribe through your Jurisdictional Crown and Sword representative or by subscribing directly with the Supreme Secretary. The Supreme Trustees approved for an electronic version of the Crown and Sword to be available on the website. Iíll post more when that is available.

Please ensure that your jurisdiction is represented in the Crown and Sword. Last year I only had 3 Jurisdictions that had articles in all 4 issues (Ohio, Washington, Tennessee). Also, if any of you have any suggestions to make it better or any ideas, please email them with me at I want to make this better for YOU, and I want to reach as many Amaranth members as possible. Let me know if any of you have any questions.

                                                                                                  Kim May


***  Articles for submission to the Crown & Sword can be sent directly to HL Kim May through the link below ***

Crown and Sword

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